About Us

Self-funded and Well Capitalized

Atomic Capital Minerals purchases oil and gas mineral rights and royalties in shale plays across the United States. We are self-funded and well-capitalized, we carry no debt and rely on no third party investors in order to close our transactions. Not having to rely on third parties to finance purchases allows us make decisions quickly and close transactions fast. We are not "flippers" looking to make a quick profit, rather we adopt a buy and hold strategy for our purchases.

A Trusted Partner

We save sellers time and money by making decisions quickly and maintaining an open and honest dialogue throughout the sales process. Our network of oil and gas industry experts has decades of experience in the evaluation and acquisition of oil and gas mineral interests, leases and royalties. When we acquire your mineral interests we assume all costs associated with the closing and transfer of mineral rights, including the clearing of title and confirmation of heirship.

Why Choose Atomic?

Being self-funded, transparent, and efficient allows Atomic Capital Minerals to consistently deliver a seamless and pain-free transaction for sellers of oil and gas mineral interests and royalties. We make it easy for you to access the wealth you may have tied up in complicated rights, royalties and leases and to enjoy the proceeds that come with the sale of mineral rights now – instead of waiting for future payments from oil and gas production that may not occur for many years.

We look forward to working with you.

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